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Some local politicians have lost any moral integrity to continue running the country according to Harare Residents Trust (HRT) Director and local authority expert Precious Shumba.

Shumba said many of the current leaders should have resigned a long time ago but the action of resigning only makes sense to politicians with moral integrity.

“The word resignation makes great sense to people with a high moral integrity.

“Staying on in the face of evident failure means a person has lost all moral conscience to make the right decisions.

“Politicians in Zimbabwe have lost their moral compass and now remain in their offices because they are pursuing their political careers to enrich themselves.

“There are politicians who should not be in politics by any day longer,” he added.

Politicians to Blame for Poor Service Delivery

Shumba and HRT have repeatedly raised issues with the poor service delivery in the country which he says is a result of both opposition and ruling party politicians.

“Service delivery in Zimbabwe did not only collapse because of the opposition.

“It collapsed under the watch of the government of the day through inadequate supporting grants to the areas of health, water infrastructure, housing, education and waste management.

“It further collapsed due to the centralisation of decision-making and policymaking by the central government.

“This has meant that local authorities, against a backdrop of job losses and collapse of the economy, have struggled to provide essential services,” he said.

Many of the country’s urban cities and towns are facing the dangers of disease due to poor service delivery as refuse collection is poor, there is no water and roads have become dangerous.

Responsible authorities have constantly engaged in blaming each other with the opposition accusing the ruling ZANU PF of sabotaging their councils.

In turn the ruling party blames the main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) of running down the cities due to incompetence.

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