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Newly elected Harare Mayor Lovejoy Chitengu has stuck out his head with a defiant message against controversial CCC Interim Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu.

In his acceptance speech Chitengu expressed his support for Nelson Chamisa and the recalled councilors.

“It is a sad moment because Cllr Makone, Cllr Kadzombe and the other recalled councillors are such hard workers who have made their mark over the period of their term, cut short by these recalls.

“I ask you to understand that the majority party in this chamber, CCC, which is led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, weighed the injustice caused by the unnecessary recall of our colleagues, against the loftier goal of serving the residents of this great city.

“The party decided to remain consistent with its principle of putting citizens at the centre of all its decisions.

Chitengu said all those recalled will soon return to Council one way or another.

“I look forward to their return to this chamber, either as a result of court decision or the ballot within the next 90 days,” he said.

He urged Council to remain focused and work on its transformative agenda towards a smart city.

Chitengu Also Recalled

Curiously, Chitengu himself was also ‘recalled’ by Tshabangu.

However, a spelling mistake that stated his surname as Chitegu, omitting the letter n, saved him from being removed.

The other axed councilors for Harare include former Mayor Ian Makone, his deputy Kudzai Kadzombe and Denford Ngadziore.

They also include Samuel Gwenzi, Chido Hamauswa, Tiriboyi Sabina, Florence Cheza and Fadzai Matimba.

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