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Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo says the introduction of educational requirements for councillors is unconstitutional.

Moyo said the proposed amendment of the Rural Districts Council Act is a move which should be discarded.

Government is reportedly finalising a new law to block uneducated politicians from holding positions in local authorities.

The Attorney General’s office is already drafting amendments to the Act.

Once finalised, it will include minimum educational requirements for council positions.

However, Moyo said the move is wrong.

“There is only one word to describe this uneducated proposal which seeks to reverse a fundamental gain of the liberation struggle, unconstitutional.

“There must be no barriers for eligible citizens to vote or seek to be voted for in elections for public office.

This he said is, “an expression of their political rights enshrined in section 67 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“Regarding education, the State must educate every Zimbabwean to degree level, full stop”.

The exiled former Minister added that “the right to vote in all elections and referendums to which the Constitution or any other law of the land applies – and to stand for election for public office and, if elected, to hold such public office – is a fundamental gain of the liberation struggle along with the people’s reclamation of their land.

“After 43 years of Independence, it would be wrong for the State to offload the consequences of its failure to educate the nation on the citizens.

“Government should do the needful, and it’s doable!


However Local Government Minister July Moyo has come out in support of the move.

“We have counterparts who think the process of selecting a councillor is a popularity contest.

“However, we view it as a governance issues, one which affects a lot of issues- ranging from the provision of sanitation, creating an attractive business environment to attracting international investors.

Many residents have also called for the inclusion of educational requirements before.

According to them most of the politicians running councilors are not learned enough for such.

This, they say, has led to acute corruption by officials, poor service delivery and lack of creativity.

The opposition CCC has lately included education among the minimum requirement for council candidates.

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