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Bulawayo residents have taken to the streets in protest against their Council accusing it of poor service delivery, maladministration and the charging of rates in USD.

The large crowd marched through the CBD and converged at Town House where they sand protest songs.

Holding up placards, the residents said said Bulawayo City Council had failed and listed a variety of issues.

“Residents (have) taken to the street to protest against City of Bulawayo maladministration, failure to listen to residents, USD indexing of rates and deteriorating service delivery.

“Residents have had enough of double payments, wrong bills, PR stunts with regards to deteriorating state of service delivery.

“The rightful owners of these cities are residents and their voice matters,” said the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA).

Bulawayo residents have been raising multiple issues which they feel authorities have failed to deal with over a long period.

The onset of the rain season has recently worsened the state of roads with potholes making them a death trap.

Council recently resorted to the stop gap measure of filling the potholes with sand but the rains have washed it away and exposed them.

The authority says most of its roads have outlived their lifespan and requires US$700 million to rehabilitate them.

The government introduced the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP) to rehabilitate the roads but as in many other areas, the project has stagnated.

Bulawayo has also been struggling to provide potable water and carry out efficient refuse collection among other issues.

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