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Some of the recalled CCC members say they will contest the upcoming by-elections as CCC candidates despite the threat of further recalls.

Former Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Donaldson Mabutho revealed this after filing nomination papers on Tuesday.

In an interview with Community Podium, Mabutho said CCC remained their party.

“We still stand where we stood. We have an identity, we have a family and that family has a father.

He said he, “can’t then be told by an illegitimate child that you don’t belong to this family.

“So we have filed out papers as CCC. Mabutho said their party never recalled them and they remain CCC members.

Ready For More Recalls

Asked about the threat of being recalled again even after winning Mabutho said they are ready for the long haul.

“If they keep promoting that illegality ( by recalling us) we will still go and contest again under the same banner.

“We cannot run away from the family because someone doesn’t want you in the family and that person doesn’t even belong to the family.

“We will still contest under the same banner because there is no law which prohibits us from doing that.

“So if Gvt wants to keep on wasting taxpayers money we will go by-election after election,” he said.

The scenario sets up the country for a long season of political bickering as alleged CCC Interim SG Sengezo Tshabangu has been flexing his powers.

Nelson Chamisa, the President of CCC, had earlier indicated that his party would not context the by-elections.

However, many of the recalled candidates were present in Bulawayo filing their papers.

Mabutho isn’t new to recalls as he was previously elected as ward 9 councillor in the 2018 elections under the MDC Alliance, before being recalled by Douglas Mwonzora.

However, he continued working in the area which significantly contributed to the CCC’s strong showing in the August 2023 elections.

His latest recall was partly inspired by accusations that he was an imposition by Harare leaders.

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