By Charity Kumbuka

Victoria Falls is set to avail over 400 stands and 13 000 hectares for new stands as it aims to clear a growing housing backlog.

A further partnership with Shelter Afrique will also feed into the same enterprise.

According to Council officials, the authority was recently given 13 000 hectares by Government.

The land is located in Masuwe.

“Currently council has 460 stands available for sale and these ones were granted to us by the Zimbabwe National Parks.

“The stands are located just two kilometers from the parks.”

The land is run by two councils, Hwange Rural District Council and Victoria Falls City Council.

Broader Vision

Under the National Development Strategy (NDS1), the government aims to develop 220,000 housing units by 2025.

By 2030 it aims to provide a whopping 1.2 million units.

Central to this vision is a series of partnerships that signify a new era in housing development.

This includes the collaboration with Shelter Afrique, a Pan-African bank dedicated to financing affordable housing.

Shelter Afrique has already committed US$25 million.

This will finance at least 3,000 houses and flats across Zimbabwe, including the pioneering scheme in Victoria Falls.

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