By Correspondent

Masvingo’s pending US$70 million water augmentation project with Infrastructural Development Bank of Zimbabwe could change the water situation for the old town.

The water project seeks to raise Council’s daily water output from 30 megalitres to 60 megalitres.

Council has roped in IDBZ to help raise the money required to roll-out the water project.

It initially pinned hopes of financial support from China Eximbank.

However, delays in securing a Government guarantee, have led to a change in Council’s direction.

Council Town Clerk Engineer Mukaratirwa said water remains a prime issue.

“The issue of water supply loomed large, with stakeholders saying the city should have uninterrupted water supply in all areas 24/7.

Residents have repeatedly pressured council to expedite roll out of the water project.

The water shortages are expected to worsen given the looming drought this year.

Masvingo council is targeting world class city status by 2030.

The project scope involves duplicating the entire water pumping, purification, conveyancing and storage infrastructure.

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