ZAPU Fails To Field Presidential Candidate Over US$20K Fee

By Correspondent Opposition party, ZAPU has failed to field a presidential candidate for this year’s general elections citing exorbitant nomination fees. Instead, ZAPU announced that they will only field candidates for Members of Parliament and councilors. In a statement, ZAPU said they have channelled the little resources towards those offices. “We will not deploy a […]

Here Is What You Get By Voting For ZANU PF.

By Correspondent When naked, elections are supposed to be a six-pack figure with erect tufts of oiled hair, ridged muscles and plenty of bravado. They are Captain America. Not here in Kuvikiland. Here elections are an emigrant with a halo of ideas on stilts, patched ambitions and strenuous arguments that ultimately die from hunger. Here […]

“2023 Elections Belong To The Youths”-Fmr Mayor

By Correspondent Former Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni says the 2023 elections are an opportunity for the youth to create a country they need. Manyenyeni said the rest of the country are just accessories but for the youths it’s a defining plebiscite. “The 2023 elections are particularly for those who have individual needs which require national-level […]

Harare to Have 60 Councilors in 2023

By Correspondent Harare City will get an additional 14 Councilors in 2023 to increase the total number to 60 from the current 46. The increase will be a result of the implementation of the 30% women’s quota which will add 14 seats to the current 46. The additional 30 percent of councillors will be chosen […]