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Opposition party, ZAPU has failed to field a presidential candidate for this year’s general elections citing exorbitant nomination fees.

Instead, ZAPU announced that they will only field candidates for Members of Parliament and councilors.

In a statement, ZAPU said they have channelled the little resources towards those offices.

“We will not deploy a Presidential candidate this year owing to the participation fees charged by ZEC.

“While our members insisted that we deploy our President, the leadership collective felt that it was unwise to send the little resources from our members contributions on nomination fees for one candidate.

“That money could be spread between 20 NHA candidates.

“We are deploying a total of 29 Members of Parliament throughout the country with the highest coming from Mat South.

ZAPU said it will deploy a further 178 councilors throughout the country.

They will cover 9 out of 10 provinces in the country.

In areas where it has no candidates the party said its supporters should support like-minded candidates and parties.

“Voters (should) rally behind like minded progressive forces pursuing reform and change,” it said.

Nomination fees are pegged at US$20 000 for presidential candidates while MPs will pay US$1000.

Councilors and Senators are paying US$100 to participate in the polls.

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