ZAPU Fails To Field Presidential Candidate Over US$20K Fee

By Correspondent Opposition party, ZAPU has failed to field a presidential candidate for this year’s general elections citing exorbitant nomination fees. Instead, ZAPU announced that they will only field candidates for Members of Parliament and councilors. In a statement, ZAPU said they have channelled the little resources towards those offices. “We will not deploy a […]

Mwonzora Goes After CCC Candidates

By Correspondent MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has warned party members from participating in activities of other parties lest they face expulsion. However, the letter appears to be a direct warning for many who have been participating in the recent CCC candidate selection process. Failure to observe this will result in expulsion. The letter by the […]

Mwonzora’s Last Wish Is That Death Be Slow. He Won’t Get It!

By Correspondent The MDC-T is currently caught in a time warp where it is watching itself helplessly crawling towards the grave. It is a bystander in its own demise. A guilty spectator. The powerful opposition formerly commandeered by the inimitable Morgan Tsvangirai is on its last knees. It’s now a wheezing relic, expiring on Judas […]

Mwonzora Recalls 3 Norton Councilors

By Correspondent MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has recalled 3 Norton Town Councilors on allegations that they have defected to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). The three Councilors are Clr Charles Dube from Ward 2, Clr Muchaneta Munyeveri, Ward 3 and Clr Rosemary Chinoera, Ward 9. One of the recalled Councilors, Clr Chinoera was quoted […]

Elections Are Here; The Role Of Your Brain Is To Think

By Wisdom Mumera According to Buenoda Mesquitaetal (2003) a major dilemma in democratic policy-making is that bad policies can be good politics and good policies can be bad politics. In Zimbabwe, politicians have eternally been caught in the throes of juggling two different balls. The ball of selfish agrandisement through bad policies that are actually […]

Harare to Have 60 Councilors in 2023

By Correspondent Harare City will get an additional 14 Councilors in 2023 to increase the total number to 60 from the current 46. The increase will be a result of the implementation of the 30% women’s quota which will add 14 seats to the current 46. The additional 30 percent of councillors will be chosen […]