By Correspondent

MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has warned party members from participating in activities of other parties lest they face expulsion.

However, the letter appears to be a direct warning for many who have been participating in the recent CCC candidate selection process.

Failure to observe this will result in expulsion.

The letter by the MDC national chairman, dated April 26, states, “… please be advised that all members and elected leaders who would have participated in activities of another party would have breached the party and National Constitution.

“As such Article 5.10 of the party constitution and Section 129 of the National Constitution will accordingly be applicable.

“In such circumstances of breach, membership of the party terminates automatically.

In the ongoing candidate selection process by CCC, a host of sitting officials from MDC-T have taken part.

Analysts have given the MDC-T no chance in the upcoming elections leading to many members jumping ship.

Therefore, many have resorted to joining Nelson Chamisa’s CCC.

In Kadoma Central, sitting Cllrs Juliana Chigariro for Ward 5, Svorai Chiwara (2) and Cuthbert Mubayiwa (17) from MDC-T participated in CCC primaries.

The three were among six councillors who wanted to boot out the current Acting Mayor Clr Tendai Kokera from MDC-T.

They argued that Kokera was not fit to be holding the office.

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