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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has reportedly blocked the nomination of Collen Maboke as CCC candidate in the coming elections.

Maboke is the current Masvingo City Mayor.

A source with inside information said that Maboke already knew the decision even before the final results are out.

Maboke was seeking to stand as a CCC candidate but his papers were denied.

“He failed at the vetting stage and will most likely not stand as a CCC candidate,” he said.

Though the source could not elaborate the reasons, Maboke has case with Chamisa which could be the reason for this.

In 2019 he defied Chamisa and stood as Masvingo Mayor even after a directive that he should resign.

As per MDC’s directive, Ward 4 councillor Godfrey Kurauone was supposed to be the mayor deputised by Ward 1 councillor Selina Maridza.

However, Maboke won while a ZANU PF councilor became the deputy mayor.

This was despite MDC having seven councillors out of ten while Zanu PF only had three.

The Public Spate

Chamisa then gave Maboke a one week ultimatum to resign or face expulsion from the party.

Speaking before a provincial council meeting he said he wouldn’t tolerate indiscipline.

“We need discipline in our party.

“We cannot let people run around doing whatever they want disobeying party directives.

“Here in Masvingo, we gave a directive on who should be mayor but the councillors went on to do what they wanted in the chambers resulting in the donation of the deputy mayoral post to Zanu PF.

“Maboke is not our mayor and I want to address this issue once and for all.

“I am giving him one week to resign or we will expel him from the party.

“It is better to know that Masvingo is under Zanu PF than to have Zanu PF within MDC,” said Chamisa.

Furthermore, Chamisa warned provincial chairperson James Gumbi, believed to be protecting Maboke, that he would be dealt with if he did not see to it that the councillors follow party directives.

Chamisa also threatened to fire all councillors and risk by-elections if Maboke failed to resign.

However, Chamisa and Maboke reportedly later ironed out their differences and he continued with his role as Mayor.

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