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File picture of a recent MDC-T rally

The MDC-T is currently caught in a time warp where it is watching itself helplessly crawling towards the grave.

It is a bystander in its own demise. A guilty spectator.

The powerful opposition formerly commandeered by the inimitable Morgan Tsvangirai is on its last knees.

It’s now a wheezing relic, expiring on Judas Iscariot’s altar.

Even the 30 pieces of silver cannot resurrect the movement.

Early this month MDC-T and Zanu PF shared over ZW$1,4 billion of money for registered political parties.

“$985 874 400,00 shall be paid to Zanu PF which received 70.03% of the votes cast and $422 517 600,00 shall be paid to MDC, which received 29.97% of the total votes cast.”

However, it would be foolhardy for Mwonzora to invest that money in a political campaign.

The party has gone over the hill of life and now prepares for its death.

In its prime, the MDC was a hybrid of labour movements, tertiary students and the financially-sound Commercial Farmers Union (CFU).

It harboured the ambitions and dreams of millions.

However, in its current repose, it has become a bastard, denied support and forever frolicking with pigs in exile.

Mwonzora, ever the lawyer and full of wide arguments has sought to delay the inevitable.

Quest For Survival

Recently, he filed an urgent application calling for the invalidation of the Delimitation Report.

He seeks an order to compel the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to re-do the exercise.

The application also seeks to delay the proclamation of election dates until a valid Delimitation Report has been tabled.

However, according to many analysts its a futile exercise again.

The best he can get is the use of old delimitation boundaries.

There is no way elections will be delayed.

Citizens Coalition for Change spokesman Fadzayi Mahere rubbished Mwonzora’s court application asking what kind of politician was afraid of elections.

“What kind of politician anokwata maelection?” she asked.

Adding more salt, President Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba said this was Mwonzora’s way to delay elections.

“This is Mwonzora trying to pull a Mawarire by challenging the recently gazetted Delimitation.

Mwonzora is attempting to delay or stop upcoming harmonised elections.”

The party’s last rally in Epworth was a pitiful Samsonite summation of the last strength which failed.

The failure is encapsulated in the sarcastic attendance figure of 60 000.

As elections draw ever close the smell of ballot papers holds a different smell for Mwonzora than the rest of the field.

It’s the grating stench of death.

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