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Alleged Interim Secretary General for CCC Sengezo Tshabangu has continued on his rampage, this time recalling Harare Mayor Ian Makone and 8 other councilors.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Local Government and Public Works Winston Chitando, Tshabangu said the nine councillors are no longer CCC members.

“Kindly be advised that the following Councilors were under Citizens Coalition for Change political party, and have ceased to be members of the Citizens Coalition for Change.”

The recalled councilors include Mayor Makone, Deputy Mayor Kudzai Kadzombe, Denford Ngadziore, Lovejoy Chitegu and Samuel Gwenzi.

The others are Chido Hamauswa, Tiriboyi Sabina, Florence Cheza and Matimba Fadzai.

However responding on the matter CCC Deputy Spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba scoffed at the letter.

“This bogus letter by a bogus Secretary General will not take effect!

“Harare Mayor Ian Makone remains in office,” he said.

The latest recalls by Tshabangu brings to 26 the number of recalled councilors.

Last month he recalled 15 CCC MPs and 17 councillors.

These included the Mayor of Masvingo City, Shantel Chiwara and the chairperson of the Epworth Local Board, Annah Sande.


However, CCC leaders still contend that Tshabangu is a bogus SG.

Party spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi described Tshabangu as an imposter and warned those within CCC who are allegedly working with ZANU PF that “God will punish you”.

“The regime in Zimbabwe is disdainful of the will and wishes of the people of Zimbabwe.

“Barely a month into its controversial term of illegitimacy, the regime has decided to further aggravate its illegitimacy by unlawfully recalling [CCC] elected officials.

“(They have used) a bogus letter written and deployed by Tshabangu, a stooge to many faces that are yet to come to the open.

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