By Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has been carrying a process called delimitation across the country.

This is expected to create and collapse some Wards. But what is delimitation?

Below we provide some few pointers of what this process involves and what it means for the residents.

Delimitation is conducted after every 10 years and usually follows after a population census. This is because the census data is what is used to conduct and inform the process of delimitation.

The actual process of delimitation involves the division of constituencies and Wards for the purposes of elections. That is why political parties are heavily invested in this process.

According to the Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (ZESN), “delimitation involves coming up with minimum threshold of registered voters to make the country’s 210 National Assembly constituencies.

This is done using the numbers of registered voters in any specific area.

Residents can take part in the delimitation process by a variety of ways which include:

-registering to vote.

-providing civic and voter education on boundary delimitation.

-attending community meetings and providing information as requested by ZEC during consultations.

-make submissions during public hearings on delimitation.

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