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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is losing grip in Marondera Central after it surrendered two more wards to Zanu PF in the August 23 elections.

The opposition party won nine out of twelve seats.

Comparatively, in 2018 they only lost a single Ward.

The new wards that were won by Zanu PF are Ward 5 and 7.

In Ward 7, the opposition party had two candidates who automatically split the votes in favour of a Zanu PF candidate.

In Ward 5, CCC lost after it imposed a candidate, also revealed to be a relative of a Zanu PF official.

This resulted in voter apathy.

In an interview, one CCC official who declined to be named, attributed the loss to imposition of candidates.

“We lost two more wards due to imposition of candidates especially in Ward 7.

“We had double candidates due to a flawed nomination process and imposition of candidates.

“The same applies in Ward 5. We had an unpopular candidate,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF retained Ward 12 with its candidate defeating the opposition by 40 votes.

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