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Vice President Chiwenga has accused the opposition of blocking plans to rehabilitate Mbare flats 5 years after the initial pledge.

Chiwenga said opposition councillors had blocked the program

“I came here in 2018 and talked about Matapi and Shawasha flats.

“(I said that) places like these, together with Sakubva (Mutare), Mkoba (Gweru) and Makokoba (Bulawayo), need to be fixed.

“Plans came in for construction and CCC denied the offer saying ‘if you build those structures, you will take away our votes’.

“It is now a thing of the past.

We gave them latitude, and we will evoke the law that when we want to construct better housing for our people, we will do it whether the council likes it or not,” he said.

The VP added that this time around they will not stop.

“I have come here with Local Government Minister (July Moyo) so that we can uplift Mbare Musika to make it a world-class market like other countries do, together with Mupedzanhamo Market.”

False Promises

However, some residents have scoffed at Chiwenga’s statements saying he is playing politics.

“They politicise everything, who doesn’t know that ZANU PF is in charge,” said one Forever Kalushi.

Another resident added that it wasn’t impossible for ZANU to be derailed by development by the opposition.

“So if they are being impeded from developing by the opposition then they are not the ones running the country.

“Why then should we give them another five years to run the country,” he added.

In 2018, while campaigning, Chiwenga told the people of Mbare that government would pull down and replace Mbare’s dilapidated residential flats.

In their place, he said they would build modern structures.

Chiwenga, famously added that they would also build swimming pools and make the area the envy of those living in low-density areas.

However, since winning the elections in 2018, nothing has been done in the area.

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