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Government has directed that all vendors be banished from the CBD as it seeks to contain the rise of cholera cases.

This was revealed by the Minister of Information Jenfan Muswere while addressing a post cabinet briefing on Wednesday.

Muswere said this would be one of many measures to contain the disease.

“Government directs vendors be removed from the streets, gardens using raw sewer be destroyed and clean water be availed.

“Mobile toilets (must be) be availed in city centre and the Civil Protection Act be activated to fight cholera.

“Mitigatory measures being taken are the removal of food vendors selling or cooking food on the streets of Harare and Chitungwiza.

“(There will be) bulk safe water trucking to western suburbs of Harare to enable access to safe drinking water (and) health education campaigns.

Government has also proposed the “removal of all dump sites in Harare and Chitungwiza and reopening of public toilets”.

Muswere sad the activation of the CPU Act was because of council’s failure to manage the situation.

“The team observed that residents are not getting potable water as the council was failing to pump adequate water at Morton Jeffrey Waterworks.

“Harare City Council is failing to manage the challenges,” he said.

Harare has reported more than 2 000 suspected cases of cholera since the outbreak in February this year.

Kuwadzana, a suburb in Harare, has since become the epicentre with over 80% of the reported cases.

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