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Corpses at Norton mortuary have been transferred to a private Doves Morgan facility after thieves stole a compressor yesterday evening.

The absence of the compressor means that the mortuary’s cold rooms are not functioning.

According to an internal source Norton hospital transferred 12 bodies.

Responding on the matter Norton Town Council Chairperson Eshawadi Chamunogwa said it was an interim measure.

“The theft was reported at Police Norton and investigations are underway.

“Due to the fact that an external security is contracted to provide security services, they are obliged to replace the stolen compressor under terms and references of contract( vicarious liability.

“That is the reason why bodies are being temporarily transfered to Doves whilst awaiting the replacement from the security firm,” he said.

Chamunogwa said a full statement on the matter would be released by the town PR Officer Francis Kachere.

When contacted Kachere promised to get back with full information.

However, he was yet to do so at the time of going to print.

The stolen compressor can be acquired for around US$3 700 and local residents have been pressuring NTC to act.

The Norton mortuary was upgraded and commissioned in January 2018.

This followed an earlier closure in 2011 due to it being in a bad state.

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