By Correspondent

Harare City Council has released a policy requiring all Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be registered before operating.

The SME Policy was launched last month by the Council Chairperson of the SME Committee Clr Denford Ngadziore.

“All SMEs operating in Harare are required to register with Council.

“SMEs in Harare operate 24/7 and the volume of traders in the CBD increases during the night.

“Council through the policy, will regulate their operations and put enforcement mechanisms such that those not registered will not be permitted to trade.

Ngadziore said the council policy aims to bring “order and sanity in the SMEs sector.”

The informal sector has been rife with disorder and the proliferation of space barons.

This has derailed plans to bring the sector into the formal system.

The SME Policy is expected to change that.

According to Council it will formalise SME operations in Harare and provide policy guidelines.

The country has become heavily informalised as the economy has continued suffering.

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