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After ten years without a doctor, Masvingo city council has engaged a military medical doctor to be a part-time medical officer at its four clinics.

The move to engage Medical Officer 4 Infantry Brigade Dr Magadzire Matsvaire followed an outcry from rate-payers.

MCC Public Relations Officer Ashely Jinjika said the city fathers listened to the residents and responded.

“This will not be a new arrangement or initiative in the city as Council has been having a part-time medical for a long period.

“Dr Makurira used to be the City of Masvingo, part-time medical officer.

“The doctor is a part-time medical officer serving Council clinics 4 days a week,” she said.

She added that Matsvaire signed a 2-year part-time basis contract renewable after its expiry.

Council clinics had no doctor since the retirement of renowned Dr Phenias Makurira years ago.

Residents who talked to Open Council said they had lost faith in the city’s health delivery system.

The patients felt short-changed as nurses would simply instruct them to visit a doctor despite having paid a US$5 consultation fee.

In some cases, nurses would only prescribe painkillers to treat serious ailments.

Most patients were also constantly being referred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital.

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