Marondera has clashed with National Railway of Zimbabwe (NRZ) personnel who are parceling land close to the railway line.

This was revealed during the latest full council meeting.

In the meeting, management admitted that two developers are seeking permission to develop the servitude.

“The town planner said there are portions of land that were left along the railway line as a servitude.

“It has come to our attention that NRZ is now parceling land to a number of prospective investors.

“We are in receipt of copies of offer letters from NRZ head office.

“(These are) for two applicants that require a development permit from council.

The developers intend to utilise two separate portions of the servitude according to council minutes.

Marondera is a transitional town between Harare and Mutare.

It is endowed with a litany of rail facilities among them loading bays, stations and NRZ buildings.

Council however revealed that land near NRZ facilities belongs to it.

“It is our submission that, in as much as the land is reserved as a railway servitude the land remains municipal land.

“It has not been transferred to NRZ.

“Further council remains the local planning authority responsible for authorizing any form of development.

Council said the plans by NRZ indicates that it is possible to have developments within the servitude.

However, these developments must not be of permanent in nature should the need to expand the railway line arise.

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