Caption here (Evidence Chenjerai, GPJ Zimbabwe)

By Correspondent

Members of ZANU-PF and Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ) have been accused of destroying a borehole in Bikita’s Ward 18.

The ZANU PF members allegedly poured cement and threw rocks into the newly drilled borehole.

The borehole had been drilled in a private program by local villagers to provide water for their cattle dip-tank.

However, fearing that it was a CCC program the ZANU PF and FAZ members came and destroyed the borehole.

“As Bikita West Ward 18 residents, we are greatly disappointed by acts of vandalism on the community borehole.

“We agreed as villagers to drill the borehole as we all got water from Chivaka river.

“It was a community project that did not consider one’s political affiliation,” he said.

The residents added that it was disappointing because cattle had nothing to do with politics.

“We came together as a community and carried out this program.

“Later on some ZANU PF and FAZ members came asking who had done the project.

“They included Togarepi Ndava from ZANU PF, Gumirashe Kwangwa from FAZ and Gomba Zevezai, the ZANU PF legislative candidate,” he added.

According to the villagers, the borehole would have benefitted people from the Nechirorwe, Nebarwe and Mutsinzwe areas.

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