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Marondera residents have bemoaned the current election fever saying it has negatively impacted service delivery.

Due to the elections, most sitting councillors have abandoned council chambers as they embark on campaigns ahead of the harmonised plebiscite.

Marondera has nine councillors under the CCC banner.

The opposition party is currently undergoing a nomination process to come up with candidates to represent the party in the forthcoming elections.

This has resulted in the incumbent councillors alienating themselves from council business as most of them seek re-election.

Marondera Residents Open Forum (MAROF) director Tapiwa Chengeta said the elections have made the situation worse.

“The coming elections have created a lot of anxiety among prospective candidates inclusive of the current councillors.

“The preparation of the elections has led to most councillors leaving their duties to give time for election preparedness.

“This is creating a challenge in the service delivery chatter. 

“While it has created a platform for serious engagement, as most councillors jostle for recognition, most of such meetings are heavily politicised leading to limited people attending.

“This definitely defies the same provisions that should be available for non-political engagement,” he said.

The ruling ZANU PF party has already conducted its primary elections.

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