Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister Raj Modi

By Correspondent

Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister Raj Modi has been providing water for some Bulawayo residents as Council continues struggling to fulfil its mandate.

The ZANU PF politician has been going around different locations providing water from tanks and bowsers.

This past week he was in Sizinda and Magwegwe.

“We have taken the water distribution to other suburbs in Bulawayo. We were in Magwegwe, the police station area and people came out to get water to use in their homes.

“There are areas that do not receive water even when the city council avails water in the area,” he said in a statement.

Modi added that Bulawayo has perennial water shortages and this is affecting every sector in the city.

“This has been happening for years when there water shortages in my constituency as I understand how important water is in everyday life.

Modi said they are grateful for the Gwayi-Shangani Lake project which could provide a long term solution to the water challenge.

An estimated US$3,5 billion is needed to link Bulawayo to the Zambezi River in the project which is touted  as a panacea to the second largest city’s water problem.

Residents of Bulawayo have been perennially subjected to a strict water rationing regime with those in high density suburbs receiving potable water only once per week.

Some areas have even gone for years without running water.

Some schools have previously asked pupils to bring their own bottles of water to curb the spread of waterborne diseases following the water crisis.

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