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The popular Macheke Lodge is facing imminent demolition after discovery that it was constructed on state land meant for other purposes.

Macheke was constructed a few years ago and has been the face of a rapidly developing town.

The town falls under Murewa Rural District Council.

However, Acting Provincial Planning Officer Maoneni this week wrote to the Rural Development Chief Internal Auditor saying the lodge is illegal.

“May you please be advised that the land on which Macheke Lodges was developed constitute stands 1620,1621,82A ,82B and part of stand 80.

“This was in total disregard of what is on the Approved Layout Plan.

Ideally, the stands should have stood alone and have separate developments according to Government.

“The extension was not authorised by this office which is the Local Planning Authority”.

Instead, he said council should have applied for an amendment of the approved layout plan.

Council Under Fire

Government also accused the council of violating land rights.

It said the construction of the lodges affected the construction of roads among other infrastructure.

“Selling of underdeveloped stands constitute violation of land management regulations.

“Urban land of Macheke Township is on stateland which is not to be sold fo developments.

“The violation includes permission granted by the Council for the construction of Macheke Lodges.

These, it said blocked “a service lane and the construction of an unplanned road on stand 80.

“The Local Authority is expected to submit a report stating the developments they have permitted so that the office can asses what cannot be regulated.

Efforts to get a comment from Murewa Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer Alois Gurajena were fruitless.

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