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Bulawayo residents are ganging up to boycott Council’s parking partnership with Tendy Three Investment citing exorbitant charges.

A local group Bulawayo Business Development Association is leading the boycott.

According to a communique by the association, the boycott is scheduled for June 12 to June 17.

“Our economy as Bulawayo is failing and we cant afford to bleed anymore.

“We cannot continue sponsoring the corrupt activities of Bulawayo City Council and TTI.

“(They) have proven themselves to be selfish by abusing the business community and the residents,” it reads.

The association has demanded that they want to pay only $1 per day.

Instead TTI and Bulawayo Council are offering the least charge as US$30 per week.

Residents have also called for the removal of what they call ‘ghost tickets’ and for TTI officials to stop ‘careless clamping’.

TTI and Bulawayo City Council announced new parking fees packages, effective June 1.

The new fees are as follows: Platinum package US$90 a month, the Gold package US$50 a fortnight , and Silver package at US$30 a week.

BCC entered into a partnership with TTI in 2022 and the first paid parking bays rolled out in February the same year.

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