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For the past three years Harare City Council has been paying full salaries to 6 Directors who are on suspension on corruption charges.

Some of the Directors only had their cases concluded this month.

The situation has incensed residents who have since petitioned the local authority.

Glen View residents stated in their petition that the situation is disturbing.

“The unresolved labour cases and issues have been hemorrhaging financial resources from the City of Harare.

“(This has been) through payment of salaries and allowances (fuel, data and holiday) for senior management workers on suspension who are not offering any service to the local authority.

Former Human Capital Director Cainos Chingombe and Finance Director Tendai Kwenda were suspended in 2017.

Meanwhile, Director of Works Zvenyika Chawatama was also suspended with full benefits in 2021.

He was accused of masquerading as the Town Clerk.

However, the actual Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango was also suspended over abuse of office charges.

Chisango also appeared in court on charges of criminal abuse of duty after allegedly firing a subordinate to cover up investigations on illegal land deals.

The Town Clerk has since been exonerated of the cases.

Also suspended were Director of Housing Addmore Nhekairo and Town Planner Samuel Nyabezi.

The suspension of these Directors meant that Harare had only one substantive Director, Prosper Chonzi.

Poor Finances

However, the suspensions severely strained Council finances as it had to appoint temporary officials.

This meant that it was paying twice for a single position.

“(We are troubled that) senior management who have been on suspension some for more than a year are still getting their full salaries.

“It has been taking time to finalize the labour cases to the extent that this is now costing the local authority in terms of financial resources,” they said.

The petition has since been given to Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume.

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