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A Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring council candidate says she faced sexual harassment during her campaign in the party.

Shantel Chiwara, 26, says she was intimidated and suffered due to lack of resources before winning the contest.

“Most people, especially women, can’t stand to see another female rising to the top politically.

“There is so much hurt speech.

“The playing field becomes worse for young female politician like me coming from the opposition party.

“I am not campaigning freely without disturbances.

Chiwara says she is always looking over her shoulder.

“You might not know what will happen next, ” she told Open Council.

Chiwara, a banker by profession, is the youngest female candidate running for Masvingo council.

A recent graduate from NUST, Chiwara said there is more that women action groups should do.

“This will ensure a total paradigm shift on how society view women in politics.


Chiwara is the daughter of former Masvingo City council Deputy Mayor James Chiwara.

She will face three other candidates from Zanu PF, DUZ and MDC-T in the battle for Ward 2.

“Top on my list is to push for the fast tracking of a maternity clinic in the ward and erection of streets lights.

Chiwara said she will also push for the creation of more market stalls as most ratepayers are into informal trading.

“Drainage and road rehabilitation are also priorities,” she said.

However, her win was not without controversy.

Sources allege that she got 17 votes against incumbent Roki Kamuzonda’s 269 votes.

Meanwhile, lawyer Frank Chirairo allegedly led the race with 361 votes.

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  1. It’s very unfortunate that such a young and educated woman is sexually abused by ccc as a ccc candidate.
    GOD IS IN IT ?
    So Chamisa says he is a pastor when he is a rapist.
    Zimbabweans do not vote for such a shameful party ccc which is so shameless.
    The other side ane chikwsmbo Chamisa please don’t let him hold your children

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