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It’s often stated that all political projects carry the seeds of their own destruction within.

In the same picturesque narratives of a bright new future, there lie the wire strands that will snag the movement.

Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), is carrying the dreams of many hoping to escape the vapid rhetoric of ZANU PF.

The party has however lately showed strands of ineptitude which might as well lose it votes.

How Not To Win Elections

This month the headline news has been City Parking and the shocking US$132 clamping fees.

The operations of the council entity have drawn anger and frustration from many urban voters.

People can’t understand how a US$1 crime can be punished by a minimum of US$132 which can go upwards to US$256 if the vehicle is towed away.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume, has lately been cavorting from one end of social media to another seeking to douse the flames but it’s still a bonfire.

The first response by council through City Parking was an almighty dose of nonsense.

“Following consultation with key stakeholders concerning City Parking enforcement operations, the following changes shall be made effective the 10th of March 2023.

“Unpaid vehicles shall be clamped and fined US$132 or equivalent after a 30 minute grace period.

“Paid vehicles shall be clamped and fined US$132 or equivalent after an hour’s grace period from expiry,” it said.

Considering the prevailing charge before consultations was US$132 it was not clear of what use the stated consultations had been.

They changed no substance.

Having initially sought refuge in the cumbersome nature of the process to change the by-law Mafume has since become practical.

The fine will be reduced. Simple.

ZANU PF To The Rescue

However, not before ZANU PF has taken maximum advantage of the shambles.

Local Government Minister July Moyo this week appointed a team to investigate council and City Parking operations.

The issues that are being investigated include parking fees, average daily collection levels and shareholding structure between council and city parking.

“I expect you to complete within 10 working days, whereupon you shall compile a report of your findings for my consideration within five working days,” he said.

To add salt to the wound Moyo says Harare council will pay for the investigation.

The move is a scoop for ZANU PF, emerging to clean the mess of the opposition and any finding, sure to result in a reduction of fines, will be a positive on its books.

Too Many Knights!

The Secretary of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Tafadzwa Muguti has jumped in again.

In a statement Muguti said Harare has erred in instituting “grossly unreasonable fines”.

“There has to be engagement between the City Council and residents especially motorists prior to such resolutions being passed by councilors.

“So the parking fees reviewed upwards should have been as a result of public consultations,’ he said.

The agenda is clear.

Paint the portrait of the opposition as the bad guy and the ruling government as the foil, good guy.

Whereas in other instances the opposition has been a vulnerable victim of circumstances here there is no such justification.

The City Parking drama was a pure fundraising scheme by the opposition-led council.

In the week that Chamisa was accusing ZANU PF of being baboons it seems his party is busy committing political suicide hanging out to dry its main support base.

Whatever loss of votes CCC will suffer will not be a result of an ape attack but sheer suicidal tendencies.

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