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Potential partners for Mutare Council have beamoned that redtape has become a stumbling block to efforts to assist council.

The residents said there is excessive use of bureaucracy which means the city is losing opportunities to save money.

Ignored Gifts

Lynne James, who represents Mutare Rivers Rehabilitation Initiative (MRRI) and is wife to former Mutare Mayor Brian James said her organisation has been waiting for six months for a mere clearance.

MRRI is rehabilitating wetlands, rivers and replanting trees among other environmentally friendly initiatives.

“Some of us residents have an initiative caretaking Mutare’s rivers at no cost to the responsible authorities, but red tape is being created around our efforts.

“Sad really and unnecessary,” she said.

However, the remarks irked acting Town Clerk Blessing Chafesuka who questioned why she is making it sound as if the requirement – to be cleared – was only meant for her.

“Please understand that we are a government institution and we abide by central government policies.

“If you form your organisation and you have partners local or international, you need to get clearance from central government first before we can accept to cooperate with you.

“We have told you (MRRI) this several times and it was also done in writing,” said Chafesuka.

He added that “no amount of bullying will force us to breach government policy.

Lost Partners

However, according to James they are not the only ones struggling to partner Mutare.

“We do not for one minute believe we are the only ones struggling with this issue Sir. We assume everyone.

“All active residents trying to engage may be in the same boat as us,” she responded.

The debate was sparked by the deplorable state of the Chikanga Community Hall door.

The city has been making use of rocks to close the broken down part of the door.

Concerned citizens offered to assist to replace the door and were advised that “certain” procedures have to be met.

Another resident indicated that he voluntered to cut grass in the central city park but was turned down.

Open Council gathered that several wellwishers have walked away after they were frustrated by delays to assist the city at zero cost.

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