The City of Mutare has issued a stern warning against merchandisers causing noise pollution by competing to advertise their wares through electronic gadgets and public address systems in the city center.

The local authority said they have received numerous complaints regarding the increase of noise pollution in the city from concerned stakeholders.

This is affecting the smooth flow of business.

Open Council Mutare gathered that the surge in vendors in the Central Business District (CBD) has led to serious competition where they resort to using loudspeakers to attract customers.

Others go to the extent of using musical instruments.

“Reference is hereby made to numerous complaints made to council over noise in the city, particularly to that made (by) merchandisers in the CBD and the surrounding areas,” reads part of a statement by the local authority.

Noise pollution under Section 4 of the Mutare Noise – By Laws.

Section 4 states that, no person shall, (i) operate or cause or permit to be operated any wireless, loud speakers, gramophone, record player, amplifier, musical instruments, or similar devices so as to disturb or interfere with the rest, peace and tranquility of the public or any section of the public.

It further reads that no person shall, operate or cause or permit to be operated, for the purpose of attracting customers or indicating the presence of vendors in the neighbourhood.

Any wireless, loudspeakers, gramophone, record players, amplifier, musical instrument, or any device in or adjacent to to any public street, without the prior written consent from councils.

Religious groups and other small to medium shops have also been resorting to similar tactics in a bid to attract respective audience and customers, respectively.

“Residents are therefore urged to stop forthwith from conducting unauthorised actions as they disturb peace and tranquility of the public and other business operators,” further reads the statement.

The local authority advised Al those who seek to make the advertisements with the stated gadgets to seek permission first.

Residents Support Move

Residents associations concurred with the local authority over the needs to regulated the surge of noise pollution in the city centre.

“Noise pollution is a violation of peace to the ordinary citizens in the public sector.

“The noise pollution may affect the smooth business ethics, scare away potential investors and generally discourage visitors to the detriment of sustainable development,” said Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Association programmes director David Mutambirwa.

Mutambirwa encouraged the local authority to spearhead capacity building engagements so that merchandisers understand the legislative framework which governs the local authorities.

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