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MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has recalled three more Councilors from the City of Kadoma.

The three are accused of having participated in CCC internal polls for the upcoming general elections.

The three are Svorai Chiwara, Julianah Chigariro and Cuthbert Mubayiwa.

They were given the recall letter by Town Clerk Malvin Dondo last Friday.

A letter from MDC party through Local Government Minister July Moyo effected the recalls.

MDC Secretary General Tapiwa Mashakada wrote to Local Government Minister July Moyo.

It reads: “We hereby notify your office that in terms of Section 278 as read with Section 279 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, we hereby declare that the following councillors have ceased to belong to the MDC which is a member of the MDC Alliance.

“(This party) was formed in terms of the constitutive pre-election agreement known as the Composite Political Cooperation Agreement for purposes of contesting the 2018 elections.

“A copy of which has already been forwarded to you in previous similar correspondences.

“In terms of Clause 2.0 of the Agreement, the member parties retained their individual identities.

“They also chose their candidates under their respective quotas.

“The members listed have had, by operation of Clause 5.10a of the constitution of our party, their membership automatically terminated”.

Party of Recalls

The latest recalls in Kadoma brings to seven, the total number of councillors who have been recalled.

In February Mayor Action Nyamukondiwa, Michael Mvura, Edison Muzira and Nigel Ruzario were also recalled.

However, from an initial 12 the opposition MDC-T now only has 5 councilors left in Kadoma.

MDC Director of Information Chengetai Guta supported his party position.

“Our position has always been guided by the party constitution.

“Any member who decides to join another party, in this instance, through participating in another party’s activities automatically ceases to be a member of our party.

“This position is also supported by Section 129 (k) of Zimbabwe’s Constitution.”

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