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Masvingo City Council intends to add 12 more by-laws to the recently crafted 18 to areas that were previously not covered as the local authority moves in to maintain law and order in the city.

The local authority in October proposed 18 by-laws, which were crafted for the purposes of regulating various activities within the city’s jurisdiction.

By-Laws To Rein-In Anarchy

They include the City of Masvingo Hawkers &Street Vendors by-laws 2022; City of Masvingo (water, sewerage and drainage) by-laws 2022; City of Masvingo Advertising by-laws 2022; City of Masvingo Environmental by-laws 2022; and City of Masvingo Traffic and Clamping by-laws 2022.

However, during a recent full council meeting, the city fathers agreed the addition of 12 additional by-laws.

These include the City of Masvingo Food Hygiene by-laws 2022; City of Masvingo Hair Dressers and Barbers Shop by-laws 2022.

The others are City of Masvingo Anti-litter by-laws, 2022 and the City of Masvingo Human Excretia by-laws, 2022.

“It was reported that pursuant to the drafting of the 18 by-laws, management realised the need to craft 12 additional by-laws for areas which were not adequately covered.

“The by-laws were crafted with the assistance of the Ministry of Local Government Legal Directorate,” reads part of the minutes of the Health, Housing and Environmental Services Committee.

The City Chamber Secretary was tasked to convene a workshop for the presentation of the council by-laws.

No Complaints From Residents

The committee members highlighted that there is need for council to be familiar with the council by-laws.

The committee also resolved that the authority submit the 18 proposed by-laws to the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo for approval.

“It was noted that the proposed by-laws be presented to council and external stakeholders representing various groups within the City including residents associations, representatives from the business community and Government arms.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 228 the Urban Councils Act, the proposed by-laws were advertised and were open for inspection by residents for a period of 30 days.

58 letters have since been received from stakeholders and residents on the proposed by-laws.

However, of the correspondence received from residents and stakeholders, there were no objections to any particular by-law or sections of the proposed by-laws.

“The correspondence from stakeholders and residents showed that their major issue was that they were not consulted in the making of the by-laws,” reads part of the minutes.

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