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Only a paltry 18 out of 46 Harare councilors are seeking re-election in the coming harmonised elections.

According to the Harare Residents Trust (HRT) it “marks the end of a toxic tenure that saw service delivery plummeting to never-imagined levels.

“Only 18 of the 46 councillors are seeking re-election after passing through their internal political party selection processes.

“They leave office at a time refuse collection is nearly non – existent.

“Sewerage bursts are rarely being attended in the communities,” it said.

The tenure of the 2018- 2023 Council comes to an end on Friday this week.

New councilors will be voted for on 23 August with little expected to change in terms of service delivery.

In the current tenure “ward feedback meetings were not being held except for a few Ward Councillors who continued to meet the residents to give them updates on what is taking place in council.

HRT added that currently the morale of council workers is at its lowest with salaries being staggered.

“Presently only grades 16 – 13 have been paid while the majority do not know when to expect payment.

“A majority of the councillors have been a huge disappointment, and do not deserve another chance,” it said.

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  1. What is the significance of only 18 out of 46 councillors seeking re-election after going through their internal political party selection processes?

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