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An aspiring councilor for ZANU PF has promised CCC supporters US$100 if they vote for him.

Benson Hwata, gunning for Masvingo Ward 2, has been luring voters in an effort to wrest the seat away.

However, some CCC supporters who were engaged by Hwata revealed the tactic.

“He told us that on voting day after voting for him we should take a picture of the ballot paper with our national ID as proof.

“Once we show him he will give every known CCC member $100 for voting him,” said one youth.

However, CCC officials scoffed at the Zanu PF candidate’s offer.

They said no reasonable voter will lose his future over such bread crumbs.

“Zanu Pf knows that their days are numbered.

“Now they want to lure voters with proceeds they made from looting the country’s resources.

“No reasonable voter will want to suffer for the next five years over a US$100 note,” said one Jefferson Chitando.

Hwata runs a quarry and sand poaching business in Masvingo.

He is also involved in gold deals.Some residents believe he is a front man aimed at regularising illegal sand poachers in the City once he wins the seat.

Hwata previously contested for Ward 2 in 2013 but lost after getting 13 votes.

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