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Mabvuku Ward 21 Councilor Scott Sakupwanya is facing a revolt in his ward after some party youths raised complaints against him.

The ZANU PF youths in his Ward 21 accused the mining mogul of disappearing after winning the constituency and not doing anything.

“Mabvuku is our home and it doesn’t belong to Scott Sakupwanya.

“The things he is doing don’t have direction and we have chosen not to support him.

“He isn’t worthy to lead us,” a local youth leader, who refused to be named, said.

The youths showed a non-functioning borehole drilled in Mabvuku Number 1 Grounds as a sign of Sakupwanya’s ineffectiveness.

“This borehole was drilled by Scott and its now 9 months but it’s not yet working.

“He just dug a hole here and went away and has done nothing here.

“Now he is rich and yet isn’t giving back to the community.

“Scott spends all his time with the likes of Mike Chimombe and Chief Jose,” he added.

The youths said they had wanted very much to work with him but have discovered that “Scott Sakupwanya chimbwasungata”.

“We hate him and no longer want him back here,” he added.

Sakupwanya, a close ally of President Mnangagwa, romped to victory in a March 2022 by-election, taking the seat which had been controlled by the opposition since 2000.

His victory was however marred by allegations of vote buying.

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