Anti-Corruption Body Seizes Nguwaya Partner’s Incinerator Plant In Albania

By Pieter Ziegler Delish Nguwaya’s Albanian partner in the Geo-Pomona Waste project, Meril Mertiri, had his waste to energy project seized by an anti-corruption body in his country. The Albanian Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) concluded that the project was a product of corruption. SPAK decided to seize the incineration plant located […]

Nguwaya’s Geogenix BV Scheme Haunts Harare

By Correspondent The Pomona deal between Harare Council and Geogenix BV is already haunting the capital as private waste collectors are now dumping garbage in the CBD to avoid costs at Pomona. Council said some of the shops in the CBD also use street kids to dump garbage for them. In a statement, it said […]

Mafume’s Small Victories Offer Hope For Opposition

By Pieter Ziegler This week the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) finally conceded ground in its trench warfare with Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume and agreed to a meeting. Over the past months, the two have been waging an attritional media battle with statements and accusations flying all over the place. Barely armed for combat against […]

Pomona Remains A Dangerous Stunt

By Correspondent For the umpteenth time there was a tour of the Pomona Waste-to-Energy site and for the umpteenth there was nothing but dust, garbage and maps to see. A bunch of Ministers was corralled and made to deliver euphoric statements hailing the bare ground as ground-breaking for Harare and the country. It was a […]

Geogenix’s Pomona Business Site Burnt

By Correspondent Geogenix has accused saboteurs of setting fire to its business premises in Pomona after a mysterious fire broke out at the dumpsite on Monday. In statement the company said it was yet to identify the cause of the fire in Pomona but suspected that it was the work of “saboteurs of the project”. […]