By Correspondent

Land which was designated for a school in Tynwald South was allegedly grabbed by a ZANU-PF linked government employee.

The Harare Residents Association said resultantly the area has no school and children travel to distant areas.

“The land which was set aside for the Tynwald South residents was allegedly taken over by a very powerful official in government.”

(This is from) what has been happening on the stand.

“Leadership fighting for this stand got strange visitors threatening them.

“(They) discouraged them from fighting for the stand to be restored to the residents.

The organisation said other areas originally allocated for schools had been converted to other uses.

“Land designated for schools is being converted into housing developments in Harare.

“Tynwald South residents have no primary and secondary schools for their children.

Currently, there are about 1 200 residential stands in the suburb.

According to the Education Policy in Zimbabwe, there should be a primary school for every 500 housing units.

This means that the location should by now have two primary schools and one secondary school.

Due to the shortages, children of Tynwald South have to go to Dzivarasekwa and Kuwadzana for their primary and secondary education.

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