By Pieter Ziegler

In a bid to bring order to roads, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) this month launched “Operation Tame the Traffic Jungle.”

The operation has so far resulted in the arrests of nearly 50 000 culprits.

However, in the absence of a reliable transport system, the operation has brought about severe challenges for people.

Some private transport operators have removed their buses from the road.

This has worsened the situation.

Transport charges have been excessively hiked and transport from the Harare CBD is a nightmare to get.

The EFF Response

In Cape Town, South Africa the police have also been carrying out an almost similar operation.

They have been impounding taxis.

However, unlike in Zimbabwe, there has been a political response from the main opposition.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has announced demonstrations calling for the release of the impounded vehicles.

On Monday the SA police and City of Cape Town law enforcement officials were on high alert.

The demonstrations haven’t been as successful as thought earlier but the message is clear.

A small group of protesters gathered outside Vangate Mall in Athlone and a group of more than 20 taxi operators staged their own shutdown by trying to stop traffic altogether.

They blockaded Jakes Gerwel Drive, preventing anyone from using the road in the direction of Cape Town.

In response the Mayoral committee member for Safety and Security JP Smith said the City convened a joint command centre at the Disaster Operation Centre in Goodwood.

Can CCC Stand Up?

In Zimbabwe, the CCC has not offered much to the residents in light of the current police operations.

Outside of a few erratic statements on social media the main opposition remains stumped on how to respond.

This has meant the residents and transport operators are largely abandoned to face their own challenges.

Demonstrations are not the only response and the CCC should indeed stand up and be counted.

Having won its majority of votes in urban areas the opposition should do well to defend its main supporters.

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