By Correspondent

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has taken over control of all strategic council committees in Marondera.

This has relegated the ruling ZANU-PF to fringe positions in the town council.

Ward 11 councilor Saizi Vilela will lead the Health, Housing and Community Services committee.

The Human Capital Services committee will be chaired by Ward 2 councillor More Mharadza.

The Finance and General Purposes committee will be chaired by Ward 6 councillor Cephas Mazambani.

Meanwhile Ward 9 councillor Gresham Muponda also of CCC was elected as the Audit Committee chairperson.

In a bid to save face, Zanu PF councillors who had lost in all the other committee elections, allegedly begged to lead the strategic Works committee.

However, there was a deadlock in choosing Works and Environment committee chairperson due to equal votes.

The chairperson will have to be chosen by a coin toss.

CCC has the majority of councillors in Marondera

The party won nine of the twelve wards in Marondera Central.

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