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Former Norton Town Council Vice Chairman and MDC-Alliance member Reign Mtatabikwa has accused CCC leader Nelson Chamisa of leading the party astray and has since gone independent.

The Ward 10 Councillor, who tried to get nominated under CCC and failed, says the party is in tatters.

“Chakaora chinhu chaChamisa.

“That’s why you see elite guys denouncing his modus operandi.

“He is a young dictator,” Mtatabikwa said.

Mtatabikwa tried to get a nomination under CCC but failed with rumours that he had been part of MDC-T.

The councillor was never recalled by Mwonzora leading to speculation that he was part of MDC-T.

However, Mtatabikwa rebutted that assertion and tried to get nominated under CCC.

Nepotism Allegations

However, Mtatabikwa’s allegations are part of wider sentiments in Norton after the conclusion of CCC primaries.

Various other supporters and politicians have also queried the candidature of some winners.

They say some of them were undeserving and simply got chosen on the basis of their kinship with Chamisa.

Aspiring councillors for Ward 12, Emmanuel Chikaponya and Ward 11 Angeline Moyana aspiring are both alleged to be related to Chamisa.

In Masvingo Chamisa faces similar accusations.

Of the three councillors out of seven is Daniel Mberikunashe who is also related to Chamisa.

Ward 2 aspiring councillor Chantel Chiwara, daughter to former Ward 3 Councilor James Chiwara, is also related to Chamisa.

Meanwhile, Evans Chamisa, another relative of Chamisa, was nominated for a provincial council seat despite not having any history in the opposition trenches.

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