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Bulawayo’s US$158 million budget for 2023 announced, on Monday, will maintain the present US$ tariffs according to officials.

BCC chairperson of the Finance and Development Committee Tawanda Ruzive unveiled the US$157,99 million budget and proposed to set aside US$106 million to fund key infrastructural development projects in the city.

These will include the construction of classroom blocks, clinics, servicing of stands and roads.

In June, the city’s Town Clerk, Christopher Dube announced that the council had switched to charging residents in US dollars in a bid to align its services with the current economic conditions.

Ruzive said the 2023 Bulawayo budget will maintain the present US$ tariffs, while those paying in local currency will do so at prevailing exchange rates.

Budgetary Focus

The official announced that Council will set aside US$200 000 for the construction of two clinics in Cowdry Park and Emganwini.

Two more cemeteries will also be opened in Marvel and Pumula South from the same funds.

“Council proposes to set aside US$252 000 to fund environmental issues.

Council also plans to buy computers, rehabilitate buildings, drill boreholes and develop Hume Park during the year. 

“A provision of US$175 000 has been made for an Industrial clinic to cater for council staff.

Most clinics have solar panels installed. “In the coming year, council plans to secure these panels at 12 council clinics by surrounding them with palisade fencing at a combined budget of US$120 000,” he said.

US$5 290 263 has been set aside for ICT projects.

“The capital budget for ICT is US$5 290 263.

“This amount will be used in procurement of hardware such as personal computers, laptops, tablets, printers, tablets, servers, hardware for prepaid metering and other peripheral computer related equipment to enhance Council’s digital interaction with stakeholders,” he added.

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