By Tonderai Saharo

The newly elected Masvingo city councilors have been urged to resist interference from Central Government if service delivery is to improve.

Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (MURRA) spokesperson Godfrey Mtimba made the call.

Mtimba said service delivery has been nose dividing for the past two decades as previous councilors were failing to stand their ground.

“We still have projects which were initiated over 20 years ago such as the sewer main line and water upgrade.

“They are are yet to be completed to date.

“We engaged former councilors seeking answers as to why major projects are failing to be implemented.

“However, the answers we receive is that the Ministry of Local Government has directed council to put the projects on hold.

Mtimba said Councilors should resist such directives.

“The time is now for our new councilors to be firm when it comes to defending capital projects.

He said the Ministry can’t be allowed to derail what has been planned for.

A New Resolve

Newly elected council deputy Mayor Clr Daniel Mberikunashe said the new councilors are coming with a different approach.

“We are result oriented.

“That’s our mandate which we want to achieve in the next five years.

“We are here to ensure that mistakes done in previous council are not repeated.

“Indeed the Ministry has been too involved in council affairs.

“We shall see to it that we rectify such that we operate freely,” he said.

The Ministry has been accused of stalling the city’s main water upgrade.

However, this is despite council managing to secure a US$20 million funding from a Chinese bank for the project.

Upon completion the project is supposed to increase the city’s water pumping system.

It will shift from 30 mega liters a day to 60 mega liters.

Currently, water is being rationed in the city.

Residents receive water at least three hours a day.

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