Council Workers Vow to Vote for ZANU PF

By Correspondent Some Harare City Council workers have vowed to vote for ZANU PF in the 2023 elections as they accuse the opposition of being responsible for their salary problems. The majority of councillors at Harare City Council are opposition councilors. Workers who spoke to Open Council, accused politicians of being insensitive to their plight […]

Mafume’s Small Victories Offer Hope For Opposition

By Pieter Ziegler This week the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) finally conceded ground in its trench warfare with Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume and agreed to a meeting. Over the past months, the two have been waging an attritional media battle with statements and accusations flying all over the place. Barely armed for combat against […]

Harare Needs An Executive Mayor-Mafume

By Correspondent Harare City Council Mayor Jacob Mafume says the capital should have an executive Mayor as the pressure in the position has increased. Mafume said this while delivering his 2022 end of year speech at Town House. “In 2008 through the amendment of the Local Government laws, the post of Executive Mayors was abolished […]

Honour Your Debts If You Want Services- Mayor

By Correspondent Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume says residents should pay their rates and debts to Council if it is to provide adequate services. In his 2022 end of year statement Mafume revealed that council is now owed over ZWL$82 billion. “Our creditors stand at ZWL 9.092 Billion largely driven by electricity costs and water treatment […]

Download: Education Committee Minutes

By Correspondent Harare had its Full Council meeting for November on the 10th. Below we provide you with the minutes of deliberation and resolutions. The full minutes can be downloaded from the link provided below.

What The Heck Moment, As Gvt Fights Council Over Streetlights

By Correspondent Local politics continues to degenerate in the gutter where it currently lies, always finding further room of filth to sink worse in. This week it was the Harare City Council and Deputy Chief Secretary, Presidential Communications, George Charamba tussling over ownership for a street lights project. Most pitiful is that the lights project […]

Council To Charge Interest On Debts

By Correspondent The Harare City Council has warned residents that from the end of October it shall be charging interests on all debts as it seeks to maintain value for its money. Council is currently owed over US$17 billion by an assortment of residents, businesses and government. In a statement Council said interest shall be […]